Deliver the AGILE IT foundation for your digital transformation

Transform core IT into a service-oriented digital platform, to serve businesses’ needs for speed, agility and quality

Agile IT is our foundational offer to define, set up and run a new IT operating model to enable your digital transformation. We help you to:

  • Innovate with continuity
  • Prepare for fast business changes
  • Deliver operational & financial efficiency
  • Adopt a new paradigm & mindset



  • Rely on our IT know-how

    We accelerate your digital transformation with our in-depth knowledge and solid experience in IT strategy, definition and implementation, with exceptional expertise and certification in key areas, backed by strong global partnerships in cutting edge technologies
  • Make IT happen!

    We propose target models, architectures and change plans that are the result of experience gained through numerous concrete engagements with respected customers in all sectors
  • Secure your investment in digital transformation

    We ensure an efficient and well governed & managed transformation program to reach and sustain a target model that is aligned with your business requirements
  • Meet your business needs

    We address the transformation in all its aspects - including technological innovation, human resources changes, skills development, improved customer experiences, etc., realizing business value
  • Ensure your business continuity

    Devoteam, as a trusted advisor, provides the ongoing service to continuously improve and sustain the business benefits of your digital transformation

Agile IT is our foundational offer to help companies to succeed in their digital transformation. Based on continuous improvement, Agile IT enables the capabilities to address all areas in a fast, efficient and secure way, to help you to meet your business expectations.


François Juillot
Associate Partner - Cloud Transformation Devoteam Management Consulting
Olivier Potmans
Agile IT architect Devoteam Belgium

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